2008 Strong Dog Invitational

Sunday, Nov. 23 - The Tampa Bay Strong Dogs won back-to-back games against Miami and Orlando, during the last day of the 2008 Strong Dog Invitational. After losing a passionate and grueling game against the Miami Heat Wheels on Saturday, the Strong Dogs came back determined to protect their house on Sunday, and gave their fans a performance worthy of prime time. Even though this is the Strong Dogs’ first season, they took the more experienced Miami team to task, shutting down their impressively fast offense and penetrating their defense with skill and determination. Miami went on to win their second game of the day against the Orlando Magic Wheels, by one 3-point shot on the last seconds of the game! Both teams gave fierce performances. Wanting to make up for that last shot, the Magic Wheels confronted the Tampa Bay Strong Dogs with tenacity during the last game of the day, but their efforts were not enough. The Tampa Bay Strong Dogs lead the entire game, giving the sweet taste of victory one more time to their fans. If you missed the action this time, don’t worry. You have one more chance to cheer for the Strong Dogs before the end of the year. On December 20 they will host the Strong Dog Holiday Classic. Stay tuned for details.